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Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in commissioning me! I appreciate it so much!


Below you will find all the details about my commission process!

Commission Dynamics

1: Initial consult of design, pricing consult, and then commission deposit (invoice sent to you)
2: Sketches and your approval of the sketches
3: Creation of final invoice. You can pay this invoice at any time, but it must be paid before I sent the final high res image. 
3: Beginning of line art. 
4: Your approval of line art
5: Consult of colors
6: Coloring
7: Your approval of all elements of the artwork.
8: At this stage, you must pay the final invoice if you have not already.
9: High Res artwork is sent to you through email.

Commission Pricing

- $30 for deposit, which includes consult of design and sketches
- Additional $15 for headshot of character
- Additional $20 for one full bodied character
- Additional $10 each for additional headshot character
- Additional $15 for full bodied
-Additional $20 for a detailed background. (You do not have to pay extra for a solid, one color background)
- Additional $10 for each large element (such as an object like a moon, multiple flowers), etc.)


- 1: You'd like a portrait of a dog silhouetted by a moon. $30 deposit+one full bodied character (priced at $20)+one element (priced at $10)= $60
- 2: You'd like two full bodied cats surrounded by stars. $30 deposit+two full bodied characters (one character priced at $25, additional character priced at $15)= $70
- 3: You'd like a headshot of your cat for a tattoo. $30 deposit+ headshot (priced at $15)= $45

*All prices are discussed before final invoice is sent. Each element of the drawing will be itemized!* 


Terms for Commissions

- You may pull out of the commission at any time, however deposits are nonrefundable to cover time spent for design consultation and sketches. 
- An invoice will be created for you with the rest of the payment once the consultation, pricing, and initial sketches are approved by you.
- Payment of the invoice must be sent before you receive the high quality image by email

If you are interested in commissioning me, please send me a message in the form below, email me at, or DM on Instagram @remiandoliver.

Commission  Request

Thanks! I'll get back to you soon!

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