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Oops! Mystery Bag

Oops! Mystery Bag

SKU: GB001

**These are misprints set at a discounted price because of small inconsistencies or mistakes!**


This is a mystery grab bag! You won't know what you're getting until it comes.



Small 2 piece: one 4"x4" mystery print and one 2" mystery sticker. 

Large 5 piece: one 4"x4" mystery print, one mystery sticker sheet or 3"x4" print, and three 2" mystery sticker. 



    Thank you for ordering from! I appreciate it greatly! Below are my Refunds and Returns Policy.

    -You may cancel your order any time before an “Fulfilled” email has reached you via email.

    -Please contact if you have any issues with your order.

    -If you are missing items, please send a picture and description of what you are missing to

    -If you are unhappy with your order, please email and we will find a solution, whether it is a return or refund! Please provide your Order Number. Refunds are accepted within 30 days of purchase date!


    All prints and stickers are sent through USPS with as an untracked stamped letter domestically and internationally. 

    All pins and canvases are sent through USPS in a tracked box domestically and internationally. 

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